Who We Are


Jim Stout's Scottish Imports shop was opened on Whyte Avenue in the mid 1960's. Jim retired in 1999, turning the shop over to new owner, Valeta Roach.  Over the years, many pipers took lessons from Jim Stout at the big table in the back room of Scottish Imports on Whyte and many drummers frequented the store for sticks and pads. There were also several generations of Highland Dancers who purchased their tartan, slippers, buttons and braid from Jim, including Valeta and her daughters. Lasting legacies from Jim Stout that continue to be an integral part of Scottish Imports include the Highland Dancing sword he designed and manufactured and Sil-Seal, his own special recipe for pipe bag seasoning. These two products are favoured by dancers and pipers across North America.


Valeta Roach took over Scottish Imports in December 1999 and, in February of 2009, moved the shop to its current location on 150th Street. Scottish Imports supports the Highland community throughout Alberta and across Canada. Valeta brings over 20 years of marketing and product promotion experience, plus 15 years competing as a Highland dancer in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. Throw in her family's Scottish roots from Caithness, and a couple of years of tenor drumming, and Valeta is well equipped to operate Scottish Imports.


Current Employment Opportunities

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