Welcome to Scottish Imports! Serving Alberta and beyond since 1958.


Updated May 30/18

Scottish Imports is now Closed to the public

When customer orders arrive we will call you.  The voice mail message and home page at www.anythingscottish.com will be updated .


NEXT PICK UP DATE:        June 7, 2018       3 pm - 7 pm


For all inquiries please call 780 433 6889 & leave a message.



What happens after January 31, 2018? 

....Store front will close to the public on January 31, 2018. Pick-ups are by appointment only.  Please call and leave a message

....Kilt Hire fittings for existing rental bookings by appointment AFTER January 31, 2018


What the new business - FOREVER TARTAN - will look like! 

There will be a focus on tartan and all things made from tartan - including custom kilts.  The products, designed by Valeta, will continue to be part of the product line...eg) the jacobite shirts and highland dancing swords. Bringing

Celtic heritage and tartan into wedding plans will continue.  Helping clients find meaningful tartans they can wear will continue as a special service.  The special client, pipe band and supplier relationships established as far back as

1958 will not change.  What ever the changes, there will be a link from www.anythingscottish.com to the new website plus the (780) 433-6889 telephone number will remain the business line.


Check Scottish Imports out on FaceBook and on Twitter @ScottishExperts or on FaceBook @ Scottish Imports Edmonton


Directions to Access Scottish Imports:   

The neighbourhood street scaping all along Stony Plain Road is new and looks fabulous...however, it has made access from the west and exit to go east a challenge.

Use the controlled intersection - one block west of Scottish Imports - at 151 Street and Stony Plain Road.  Access 150 Street via the lane mid-block or 102 Avenue.  



*  ThinkTANK, an advertising agency in Edmonton, is working with Valeta on re-branding Scottish Imports and the Anything Scottish objective.