Start by opening up the kilt completely so that you have one long length of fabric. Put the kilt behind your body making sure that the pleats are located at the back. You should now be holding a strap in your left and your right hand now. Cross the right hand strap over to the left side of your body and put the strap through the hole on the left side of the kilt and do up the left side buckle.

Your kilt should now look like this.

Now cross the material in your left hand over to the right side of your body and do up the top buckle. At this point please remember that the kilt should be sitting about 1-2" above your belly button. Adjust the buckles so that you have a secure yet comfortable fit.

If your kilt has a second buckle on the right hand side, do that up now. This buckle is purely decorative and should be done up so that the fabric is lying flat i.e. no crumples or creases in the kilt fabric below the buckle.

The finished kilt. The apron edge of the kilt should hang so that it lines up with the outside of your shin (lower leg) bone.