Scottish Imports is now FOREVER TARTAN


JUNE 2019

Forever Tartan  

Scottish, Irish, Welsh & Canadian Tartan

Tartan & Tweed Blanket Shawls with Scarf Collar

Traditional Highland Kilts in Wool & Viscose


Blades in Shades

Highland Dancing Swords

Premier Practice 4" Hilt            Primary Practice 2" Hilt

Traditional Chrome Hilt Broad Sword with Leather Sheath

Nylon Sword Bags


780 433 6889   Toll Free 877 246 5613


The new FOREVER TARTAN home-based business, including Blades in Shades

  • There will be a focus on tartan and all things made from tartan - including custom kilts.  

  • The products, designed by Valeta, will continue to be part of the product blanket shawl capes, handfasting ribbons, wedding horseshoes, Jacobite shirts and highland dancing swords. 

  • Celtic heritage, clan and tartan information plus handfasting ribbon and tartan entwined good luck horseshoes

  • Helping clients find meaningful tartans they can wear will continue as a special service.  

  • There will be a link from to the new website - once the new website is up and operating.   

  • The (780) 433-6889 telephone number will remain the business line.


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Twitter @ ScottishExperts  

FaceBook @ Scottish Imports Edmonton


Directions to get to Forever Tartan

Forever Tartan is a 30 minute drive west of the shop on 150th Street.  Please call for directions.