A Highland Wedding

If you are getting married and would like honor traditional Scottish wedding customs, outfit your party in traditional Scottish attire or would simply like to feature some Scottish-themed decorations, then Scottish Imports can help!  We feature dozens of products and services to help you achieve your vision of your perfect day.


  • Kilt Hire Packages from $250 for Full Formal Package (Wee Lad Kilt Hire, too - starting at $75)
  • Kilt Outfits for Purchase
  • Regalia


  • Tartan Wedding Gowns by Lochcarron of Canada
  • Tartan Sashes, Shawls and Stoles
  • Tartan Wedding Garters


  • Tartan Ribbon
  • Tartan by the Metre
  • Table Runners (for purchase or rent)
  • Tartan Napkins


  • Celtic Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Horseshoes
  • Boutonnieres
  • Clan Crested and Celtic Jewelry


  • Cards and Stationary
  • Bridal Party Gifts
  • Scottish inspired Guest gifts


Scottish Imports also offers free WEDDING INFORMATION SESSIONS.  Our sessions provide you with personalized ideas and information on incorporation Scottish traditions into you wedding.  To find out more about our Wedding Information Sessions, please email to inquiries@anythingscottish.com.  If you require further information or would like to see our full line of wedding attire and related items, please feel free to stop by the shop or call and speak to our knowledgeable staff.

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